Four local government draft laws enter parliament

Luanda Four draft laws on local government package have entered the National Assembly (parliament) for analysis and approval in general terms for the next plenary meetings of this sovereign body.

The draft laws are related to the General Regime for Inter municipal Cooperation the Status of the Holders of Local Authorities Posts the Local Government Symbols and the Characteristic of Forms for Local Governments all of which being of legislative initiative of the Executive.

In the ambit of the Municipal Legislative Package eight legal tools have already been passed.

Six legal tools (the mentioned four draft laws included) are still to be approved and the deputies will have the mission to complete the legislative package in the current parliamentary year to create the essential material conditions for the holding of the countrys first local elections.

The largest opposition party UNITA was outraged with the entry in parliament of the four local government draft laws related to the Municipal Legislative Package.

We think that it is another delaying tactics of the Executive to postpone this process which is highly expected by the society the UNITA MP Raul Danda emphasized and in his opinion the measure might affect the announcement of the local elections official date.

The MP considers that the Head of State has a period of time to summon the local elections according to the Constitution of the Republic which in the case of Angola and due to the climate conditions should adequately be held around August and September.

The most fracturing draft of this election package is the institutionalization of local governments (the gradual implementation issue) whose discussion has been scheduled for the end.

However the MP Mihaela Weba also from UNITA who defends the right of suffrage for all said that it is in the ambit of this draft Law on institutionalization of local governments that one sees the intention to choose some municipalities over others.

We should not choose some municipalities over others this is unacceptable regarding our Constitution. Whether the popular sovereignty principle whether the universality and equality principles do not allow the State to pass this discrimination stressed the UNITA deputy.

Meanwhile the ruling MPLA party MP JoAPound o Pinto defends that all deep reforms should be gradual and carried out with caution.

It is normal for those who also want to be in power to be anxious but there must be emotional intelligence and historical memory of our journey highlights the deputy.

JoAPound o Pinto disagrees with the idea that the entry of new draft laws in parliament is to delay the process of holding municipal elections in Angola.

He clarified that the Executive has a set of instruments competences and attributions that must be demystified which is to move from theory to practice as it constitutes the first deep reform after the country’s independence.

That is why in addition to the package already approved there are other diplomas to ensure that municipalities work such as the Status of Mayors. It is necessary to create these legal mechanisms for the protection and guarantee of these entities autonomy JoAPound o Pinto clarified.

Transfer of Duties and Competences

The specialized commissions of the National Assembly have already begun to analyze the Law on Transfer of Duties and Competences from the central government to the local governments following a legislative initiative of the Executive.

With this draft law it is intended on one hand within the constitutional framework the outlining of the tasks and responsibilities to be transferred in the first phase in favour of the local government and on the other hand the delimitation of the space for the creation of a local government aimed to avoid the overlapping of tasks.

Source: Angola Press News Agency