Four of Golfe blast victims in serious condition

Luanda – Four of the thirteen victims of the explosion of a device occurred today (Friday) in Golf I, Kilamba Kiaxi municipality, are in critical condition and two were sent to the surgery ward.

According to Health Minister Sylvia Lutucuta, the four patients suffered serious injuries to the lower limbs, and therefore considered the possibility of amputation in some cases.

“All measures are being taken, the patients are stabilized and fortunately there was no death, but we have to emphasize that we have four cases in a very delicate situation,” he said.

The victims were initially treated at Avo Kumbi hospital, Kilamba Kiaxi and transferred to Luanda General Hospital, with the support of the National Institute of Medical Emergencies in Angola (INEMA).

Minister Silvia Lutucuta reported that a multidisciplinary team was created to treat the victims, consisting of specialists from the hospitals of Prenda, Multiperfil, David Bernardino and Americo Boavida.

The victims, adults and children, were injured following the explosion of a device in the Correios Market area, Urban Golf District.

The victims of the accident are mainly those engaged in the collection of iron and other metals for sale.

The artifact was found in a garbage dump in the Urban District of Palanca and was taken to Golf I for sale, according to one of the victims.

Source: Angola Press News Agency