Georges Chikoti outlines new ACP-EU agreement as focus

Luanda – The conclusion of the new partnership agreement between the ACP (African Caribbean and Pacific) countries and the European Union (EU) is one of the goals that the new ACP general secretary Angolan Georges Chikoti intends to achieve in the next five years.

The ACP group hope to conclude in the coming months negotiations for a new agreement with the European Union (EU) to regulate relations between the two groups.

According to Georges Chikoti who was speaking during the inauguration ceremony Monday in Brussels (Belgium) he will work to finalize the new ACP-EU partnership agreement already underway and which may be concluded by the end of this year.

The former Angolan ambassador to Belgium underlined that the deepening of the partnership with the European Union is fundamental for the international change of the group of ACP States.

Witnessing the act the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Angola Tete Antonio reiterated on behalf of the President of the Republic JoAPound o Lourenco the thanks of the Angolan Government for the trust placed on Georges Chikoti.

For Tete Antonio Ambassador Georges Chikoti’s mission is noble but complex as he will have the task of transforming the ACP Group into an organization of ACP states giving it greater visibility but maintaining its tricontinental character.

Luis Tavares Cape Verde’s Minister of Foreign Affairs praised the qualities of Ambassador Georges Chikoti as an experienced politician and up to the challenges of the Group of ACP States.

Source: Angola Press News Agency