Government adjusts Cuito Cuanavale’s world heritage application

Luanda – The National Multisectoral Commission for the Safeguarding of World Cultural Heritage recommended Thursday in Luanda adjustments to Cuito Cuanavale’s World Heritage application programme.

Chaired by the Vice-President of the Republic, Bornito de Sousa, the commission advocated greater rationalization of resources, without losing focus on the institutional objectives of the State in relation to the recognition of the site where the greatest battle in the history of Angola’s post-independence war took place, which put an end to apartheid and the freedom of Nelson Mandela, in South Africa, as well as the Independence of Namibia.

In addition to Cuito Cuanavale’s application process for World Heritage, the commission appreciated UNESCO’s recommendations on Mbanza Kongo, taking into account the deadline of 1 December 2020 for the submission of the Report to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

In this regard, the Commission recommended that action be taken more rapidly in the framework of the commitments made by Angola, as a State Party, when inscribing Mbanza Kongo on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Commission has been informed about progress in the process of removal of antennas from telecommunications and media companies and about the final stages of the public tender for the construction of the new Mbanza Kongo airport.

During the session, a report was presented on the action plan of the newly created Participatory Management Committee, coordinated by the Governor of Zaire Province, which, among other actions, carried out the equipping of the Kimpa Vita Municipal Library and improvement works at the Kongo Kings Museum Exhibition.

The Commission was also informed about the process of elaboration, in conclusion phase, of the Urban Plan and Urban Regulation of the Historic Centre of Mbanza Kongo.

About the “FESTIKONGO” International Culture Festival, the Commission advised that the 2nd edition, initially planned for September, in the scope of the National Festival of Culture (FENACULT), should be adjusted, taking into account the Covid-19 pandemic.


Source: Angola Press News Agency



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