Government committed to improving business environment

Luanda – The President of the Republic, JoAPound o Lourenco, said today (Thursday), in Luanda, that the state has been doing its best to create a “good environment” for business and investment.

Speaking to the press, after the visit to the Quiminha Integrated Agricultural and Regional Development Project in Luanda’s Icolo e Bengo municipality, the Head of State admitted that there are small things that need to be tackled, “but they are minimal, that is why there is dialogue between the Government and the private business sector.

According to the Head of State, it is up to the private business sector to say what other support and incentives it needs. The most important thing is to work. They need to work, he said.

According to President JoAPound o Lourenco, Angola has great potential, and can produce much more than it has produced, either in business or family farming.

He highlighted the fact that the Quiminha project can already be self-financing, as it produces and sells, and a large part of the revenues are used for reinvestment, and there is no need to resort to the State Budget.

As for the outcome of the two-day visit to Luanda province, he said it was the possible balance. We saw good things. We have seen bad things, and we need to correct and improve them.

On this journey, JoAPound o Lourenco highlighted the visits made to the industrial units and the Quiminha Project, in order to assess what the country, in particular Luanda, is already producing and what it may produce if there is any attention, not only from the Government, but also from the private business sector.

Zango 5 Centrality

Regarding the inauguration of the Centrality of Zango 5, a project with 7,964 houses, said it was a housing offer for the population.

In addition to the housing aspect itself, the President of the Republic stressed the fact that there are, in the centrality, six schools with capacity to accommodate about 11,000 students.

“It’s a number that is not negligible.”More than just a dormitory, it has schools equipped with playing fields and laboratories, as well as a health center. Other facilities will come to prevent this from being a mere dormitory, he said.

JoAPound o Lourenco made a two-day working visit to Luanda province, marked Thursday by meetings with members of the Provincial Government and the Community Auscultation Council.

The agenda also included visits to factories in the municipality of Viana, dedicated to the production of industrial and hospital gas and the production of steel structures and bridges.

Today, the last day, the Head of State inaugurated the Zango 5 Centrality, preceded by the official entry into operation of the Hemodialysis Center of the Luanda General Hospital.

The visit ended at the Quiminha Integrated Agricultural and Regional Development Project in the municipality of Icolo e Bengo.

Source: Angola Press News Agency