Government recognizes challenges in fulfilling children’s rights

Luanda – The Angolan Government recognizes that there are many challenges ahead for the full implementation of the rights of children in Angola, said Tuesday in Luanda, the secretary of State for the Family and Women Promotion, Ruth Mixinge.

According to the official, speaking on the occasion of the 29th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the country made 211 commitments in favor of the child as a mechanism to guarantee the effective realization of their rights.

The official said that the according to results of the child profile in Angola based on the data from the 2015/2016 Multiple Health Indicators Survey, there are asymmetries between the population’s substrates, regarding access to essential public services, goods or use good practice.

The representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund, Abubucar Sultan, said that 29 years after the almost universal ratification of the Convention, the world has made great progress in introducing the doctrine of integral protection, which recognizes the child as subject of rights.

Source: Angola Press News Agency