Government seeks investments for conservation areas

Luanda The Ministry of the Environment wants to invest in the country’s conservation areas to make the areas more profitable and promote national tourism, said on Friday in Luanda, the director general of the National Biodiversity Institute, Aristofanes Pontes da Cunha.

In the country, there are 14 conservation areas distributed in nine national parks, a regional park and four nature reserves that need investments for their use.

To this end, he said that the Government created a program that aims to rehabilitate and protect the areas of ecological sustainability, which includes creating conditions, training inspectors, creating new conservation areas and a monitoring and communication structure, aligned with other sectors.

“And this is where potential investors come in to attract investments to create conditions in conservation areas and receive tourists that can leverage the national economy”, he said.

Aristofanes Pontes said that there is much to be explored in Angola, but that infrastructure conditions, access roads, observation centers, watchmen and park rangers, catering, commerce and communication are needed to stimulate the sector.

Source: Angola Press News Agency