Government terminates contract with AEnergy, SA

Luanda The President of the Republic, JoAPound o Lourenco, authorized by Presidential Decree of 23 October this year, the Minister of Energy and Water to terminate the concession agreement with AEnergy, SA, ANGOP learned.

The contract, which provided for the installation of a 750 megawatt bi fuel thermoelectric power station in Soyo II, Zaire province, was terminated for “breach of the principles of good faith and breach of the trust”.

In its execution, there were irregular behaviors of AEnergy, SA, such as the acquisition of four GE Capital financed turbines, without having been foreseen in the contracts signed with the Ministry of Energy and Water, according to the Decree to which Angop had access Tuesday.

This termination joins 13 other contracts repealed last August.

The contract in question was signed in 2017 with the company Combined Cycle Power Plant Soyo, S.A based on Presidential Decree No. 186/17 of 14 August, which approved the draft concession under B.O.T Built Operate and Transfer.

According to the diploma, the President of the Republic authorizes the Minister of Energy and Water, JoAPound o Baptista Borges, to terminate this contract with Combined Cycle Power Plant Soyo, SA, a company created by AEnergy, SA.

The document highlights that AEnergia was contracted by the State, under a loan between Angola and GE Capital EFS Financing Inc, for the execution of 13 contracts.

The main object of these contracts was the installation of new production plants, technical assistance and maintenance of the General Electric (GE) equipment, as well as the construction of small water supply systems.

Source: Angola Press News Agency