Government works to make Angola competitive

Luanda – The Angolan Government is working to bring Angola’s competitive position in the African context as a strategic option for the expansion of economic and trade relations with the countries of the continent, said Monday in Luanda the State Secretary of Commerce Amadeu Nunes.

Amadeu Nunes, who was speaking at the opening ceremony of the workshop on “Trade in Services”, said that the efforts are reflected in one of the country’s objectives and part of the economic development model of the Angola 2025 Long-Term Strategy (ELP), integration of the economy into the world market.

The official also said that in the perspective of regional integration, through Presidential Decree 148/14 of 28 July, the Angolan Government created the multi-sector technical group for negotiation and implementation of the SADC Trade Protocol (GTNIP), which has conducted the process for Angola’s accession to the SADC Free Trade Zone.

The Secretary of State for Trade added that the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) appears to be a fundamental instrument for achieving this goal as the first and only multilateral trade agreement covering trade in services.

The workshop on trade in services aimed at training national cadres on multilateral and regional negotiation techniques, inherent in trade in services, to achieve better results in international trade and thus meet the current challenges of the services sector.

The training session is being attended by officials from the Ministries of Finance, Education, Transport, Public Works, regulatory agencies, and other bodies.

Source: Angola Press News Agency