Government works to regulate electronic trade

Luanda The Ministry of Commerce is working on seeking consensus for the public validation of the Regulation on Electronic Commerce in Angola, said last Wednesday, in Luanda, the State Secretary for Commerce, Amadeu Nunes.

Speaking at the opening of Seminar on Regulation of Electronic Commerce, promoted by the Ministry of Commerce in partnership with the Technical Assistance to Commerce in Angola (ACOM), Amadeu Nunes, stressed that the Ministry, with the support of ACOM, took significant steps towards the creation process of new diplomas on Electronic Commerce in Angola.

Aimed to safeguarding the public interest, aspects related to public health, fraud, delivery of defective and counterfeit products, among others, it is imperative to establish rules to regulate electronic commerce, said the official.

Amadeu Nunes said that the number of smartphone users in Angola is increasing steadily and there is a need for easy access to information on prices, products and services regardless of geographic location.

The Secretary of State highlights as advantages of electronic commerce the fact that it allows a commercial transaction without physical displacement to the commercial entity, queues are not expected or formed to purchase a product or service, it allows the delivery to the home of the products, as well as arriving at a lower final price for the consumer.

Source: Angola Press News Agency