Governor nods for Namibian investment

Cuito – The governor of Bie, Pereira Alfredo Wednesday in Cuito, invited the entrepreneurs of Namibia to invest in the province, in order to boost the economic development of this part of the country.

The governor who was speaking at the opening of the economic forum of Namibian and Angolan businessmen, said that relations between Angola and Namibia have been for decades, forged in the struggle for national liberation.

Pereira Alfredo stressed that entrepreneurs should exploit to the maximum the favorable investment conditions in the two countries, in order to take advantage of the business opportunities that the two countries offer.

He said that the province of Bie has a vast economic potential and natural resources, arable land and water resources, which can be exploited.

He said that it is imperative to combine creativity, innovation and, above all, to present concrete projects with reciprocal benefits that help to turn potential into real wealth.

He said that he believes Namibia businesspeople in Bie will be able to export their products to other markets.

Source: Angola Press News Agency