Governor pledges certification of Portuguese companies’ debt

Luanda – The governor of Luanda province, Adriano Mendes de Carvalho, said on Tuesday, that November 22, 2018, is the deadline to certify the debt of Portuguese companies that render service to the Provincial Government of Luanda (GPL).

In statements to the press, at the end of the meeting he held with the Portuguese ambassador to Angola JoAPound o Caetano da Silva, the governor said that everything will be done so that until next month the debt will be certified, in the sense to provide more openness of the Portuguese builders in the development of Luanda.

He acknowledged that the debt exists, but that in no way will influence the works that are being executed in the province of Luanda, stressing that first must be certified the debts and then liquidate them.

He stressed that Portuguese companies can continue to work with confidence, having ensured that the GPL will present the problems to the competent authorities to be resolved.

The meeting also served to discuss the existing cooperation between the authorities of Luanda and Portugal, in the framework of town twinning.

Source: Angola Press News Agency