Govt announces plan to build 1,600 km of roads /year

The minister announced so while speaking at the World Road Congress in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, running until Thursday, under the motto Connecting cultures, enabling economies.

Manuel de Almeida said the project is part of a five-year work plan for the construction and rehabilitation of 8,200- kilometer paved roads.

The state-run Angola’s news paper, Jornal de Angola, in its today’s edition, quotes Manuel Tavares de Almeida as having reiterated that the country is open to the world in foreign investment in all areas of the economy.

We would like to extend a worm welcome and support for any initiatives, individual or in partnership, and public-private alliances or partnerships, he said.

He described the construction of highways, operation of toll systems, concession or operation of public infrastructure and other actions as mutually beneficial interest.

“We are in the beginning and we still have a long way to go, but our national resources are not enough,” he stressed.

The minister also stressed the government measures aimed to create a good business environment, mentioning among others, the laws to protect private investment, friendly to investors, entrepreneurs and domestic and foreign entrepreneurs.”

As for the public infrastructure, the minister said that the Executive is committed to construction and rehabilitation of road infrastructures to restore links among all cities and ensure greater territorial connection and harmonious development of the country.

Source: Angola Press News Agency