Govt wants compliance with eucalyptus exploration rules

Alto Catumbela – The government will crackdown on contractual irregularities of eucalyptus wood exploration in the forest perimeters of the former Industrial Complex of the Cellulose and Paper of Angola, in Alto Catumbela, Ganda municipality (Benguela).

The announcement was made by the State Secretary for Forest Resources, Andre de Jesus Moda, during his visit to Alto Catumbela on Thursday.

Moda said that he had found some irregularities in contractual obligations by companies exploring the eucalyptus wood, mainly in the reforestation process.

The official also reported the tax evasion by the firms involved in the activity, as well as the devastation of forest perimeters without replanting the species.

He announced a phase of changes and legal responsibility for the firms, whose taxes must be paid at exploration and production site.

The State Secretary defended strictness in the management of natural and human resources to ensure the processing capacity of the wood into finished products.

He pledged to set up a company called “MADAM” which according to him, will be tasked, in the near future, with the reforestation in the perimeters of cellulose.

The official demanded the operators to upgrade their equipment he described as being outdated and without security guarantees.

The Secretary of State, who was accompanied by responsible and technicians of the Institute of Local Forestry Development, visited the site for construction of 15-hectare wooden depot.

Source: Angola Press News Agency