Guinean artist displays artwork on Angola

Luanda An artwork entitled Angola AIR is currently being displayed in Angolan capital, Luanda, by the Guinean artist NA� Barreto. The exhibition set to go until January 29, is a different approach between photography, painting, drawing, installations and collages, privileging materials of daily use.

The work is focused on various issues, with stress to nepotism and corruption, as well as draws attention to loophole in social life due to blatant chaotic future that lies ahead.

Born in 1966, in SAPound o Domingos, north of Guinea-Bissau, NA� Barreto settled in Paris in 1989, where he currently lives and works.

He completed his studies at A�cole Nationale des Metiers d’Image, in Paris, France, in 1996.

As a multidisciplinary artist, he seeks to challenge the viewer through his paintings, photographs, drawings and videos.

Among other actions, he makes the condemnation of acts of oppression in the world the main theme of his work, denouncing, in particular, the misery and suffering that affect the African continent.

He has held exhibitions in France, Portugal, Spain, Macau and the United States of America.

Source: Angola Press News Agency