Head of State meets representatives of Angolan business associations

The representatives of the Farming Association of Angola (AAPA) participated, Association of Companies of Modern Trade and Distribution of Angola (ECODIMA), Association of Road and Road Transportation Equipment Dealers (ACETRO) and the Association of Hotels and Resorts of Angola (AHRA).

The purpose of the audience requested by the associations was to present to the Head of State a package of concerns and ideas that they would like to see dealt by the Executive in order to favour a resuscitation of the economy in the respective areas of intervention.

Questions were raised such as the need to create an Agricultural Development Bank in the country, to adopt mechanisms that allow the obtaining of a work visa and to look at the pressure of fines on companies and legalization of property.

Altogether, the four associations presented close to three dozen subjects considered fundamental for their future performance, before the minister of State for Economic and Social Development, ministers of Finance, Trade, Industry and the governor of the Central Bank of Angola.

The President of the Republic advised that these associations work together with the ministers of the respective sectors as early as next week, after which they should submit to the Head of State the results of this process.

Source: Angola Press News Agency