Head of state respects election of CNE Chairperson

Luanda The head of the Government, JoAPound o Lourenco, expressed respect for the appointment, by the Higher Council of the Judiciary, of Manuel Pereira da Silva to the position of the Chairperson of the National Electoral Commission (CNE).

At the end of the visit to the Nova Textang II factory, in the municipality of Cazenga, JoAPound o Lourenco responded to journalists about the intention of the opposition parties to challenge the election of the new Chairperson of the CNE.

For the President of the Republic, Angola is a law abiding country and must respect the laws.

The Law says that it is the competence of the Higher Council for the Judiciary to appoint, by the appropriate process, the chairperson of the National Electoral Council, he stressed.

He added that the National Assembly is limited to empowering the one chosen by the CSMJ, in light of the legislation in force.

Manuel Pereira da Silva, until then president of the Provincial Electoral Commission of Luanda, won the public tender for the position, previously held by Andre da Silva Neto, who served two terms.

Besides Manuel Pereira da Silva, who won with 87 points, participated in the contest SebastiAPound o Bessa, Agostinho Antonio Santos and Avelino Yululu, who obtained 61, 54 and 48 points, respectively.

The competition to choose the new chairperson of the CNE was opened in March 2019.

The opposition contested the election, and UNITA even brought a precautionary measure with the Supreme Court to suspend the election.

Asked if he had received any letter from Isabel dos Santos, the President of the Republic replied that hundreds, if not thousands, enter the Presidential Palace.

If I had to talk about each one, I wouldn’t do anything else (). Therefore, I have no comment to make, he concluded.

Source: Angola Press News Agency