Health Ministry implements Dengue control plan

Luanda – A contingency plan for the control of Dengue virus is being implemented by the Ministry of Health (Minsa) all over the country, after the announcement of two deaths over the disease, recorded at Luanda’s David Bernardino Paediatric Hospital.

The Ministry, which announced the measure on Thursday, said it is part of a multisectorial combat against the epidemics with all the players involved and happens following the notification of eight cases on October 1involving patients aged 3 and 13, diagnosed by the paediatric hospital.

So far, the Paediatric Hospital has recorded 11 cases.

The contingency plan intends to implement emergency public health measures to lessen the morbidity, mortality and people’s contamination by the virus and substantially reduce the socio-economic impact of the epidemic in Angola.

The plan also aims to reduce the infestation level caused by mosquitoes, by lowering it to one percent in densely populated zones with poor basic sanitary services, to upgrade at 95 percent the health staff of the primary and secondary sanitary services on diagnoses and handling of patients with acute feverish symptoms and secure Dengue death rate reduction to one percent.

Source: Angola Press News Agency