Health Ministry implements quarantine due to coronavirus

Luanda The Ministry of Health (MINSA) declared this Thursday a quarantine of 14 days for citizens coming from China, as a prophylactic measure against the coronavirus, an outbreak that took place in China and which has already spread to different parts of the world.

According to a statement from MINSA that arrived in ANGOP the citizens included in this measure should not be visited, the public access to quarantined areas is prohibited.

The government reiterates the appeal for individual and collective prevention measures and notification to health authorities of all suspected cases should be made.

The Ministry of Health inform also that the Angolan government continues to make contacts with Chinese authorities aiming to support the Angolan community living in that Asian country and appeals to permanent contact with the diplomatic and consular representatives in Chinese territory.

Thus, available data point that at least 50,000 Chinese citizens live in Angola. Up to the present time it has been registered only one suspicious case of a Chinese citizen whose laboratory test results came negative for coronavirus.

The latest updated data show over 15,000 suspicious cases and 9,826 confirmed for coronavirus in the world.

In China, the epicenter of the virus, the confirmed cases are about to 9,720, in severe status 1,527, deaths 213 and out of China there is a total of 106 confirmed cases in 19 countries.

The coronavirus is part of a large virus family which includes those that cause common flu, but also Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

The first symptoms are high fever and cough that might worsen to pneumonia.

The epicenter of the virus is the city of Wuhan, China where several deaths are occurring.

Meanwhile, in addition to China, cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in Macau, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Singapore, Vietnam, Nepal, Malaysia, France, Germany, Australia and Canada.

Source: Angola Press News Agency