Health sector to raise sustainability level of health facilities

Huambo Angola’s Health minister Silvia Lutucuta said Friday in central Huambo province that the creation of human and financial conditions to increase the sustainability level of the health facilities is among the sector’s priorities, in view of the humanisation of healthcare.

The minister was addressing the sustainability of health services in municipalities and communes, at Debate of 7th Forum of Municipalities and Cities of Angola, opened last Thursday in Huambo.

Lutucuta said that this commitment is meant to reduce the pressure on reference hospitals delivering health service to the patients.

Silvia Lutucuta also said that, in practical terms, the Ministry of Health has been working on strengthening of the staff in the health facilities of the communities.

This process includes public tender for the admission of new staff, as well as increasing the funding allocated to the municipalities for construction of more infrastructures to ensure a more humanised health service, she said.

According to the official, the sector also is strengthening drug logistics, in a joint effort with the Ministry of Finance.

This includes the purchasing of drugs for combat the most common diseases, such as malaria, tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS, among others.

Attended the event, chaired by the Minister of State for Economic Coordination, Manuel Jose Nunes JA�nior, the heads of ministerial departments, governors from the country’s 18 provinces and administrators of 164 municipalities.

Source: Angola Press News Agency