The Matala Irrigated Perimeter, in southern Huila province, has fertile lands and a climate suitable for the growing of grapes, which is being tested.

An area of six acres has currently been prepared for the production of grapes under a private initiative.

Harvest will start 120 days after the six acres are made ready. 30,000 kilograms of grapes are expected from each acre, with the output to serve the province alone, due to its scarce amount.

Project manager, Brazilian Iranilda Caetano, told Angop there was last year some production that was affected by the shortage of rains and poor supply of water from the irrigation canal.

According to her, the climate is “excellent” for this crop, adding that her field grows table grapes, contrary to some isolated production in some regions of the country that focuses on wine grapes.

She complained about some constraints in the purchase of some inputs, like fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides and other items that need import, which raises the costs aggravated by transport problems.

The project works with a ten-person manpower.

Source: Name News Network