Huambo: Former combatant pensioners called to re-register

Huambo A total of 5,303 pensioners of the Former Combatants and Homeland Veterans department, in central Huambo Province, will be again registered in the current year, in the framework of the process that started in August 2019, in the whole country.

The information was given last Thursday, by the director of the provincial department of former combatants and homeland veterans, Irineu CAndido Leonardo Sacaala, who clarified that the central province of Huambo was not included in the registration process last year, because the commission in charge of this work gave priority to other regions of the national territory.

As the official said, the new registration of these pensioners, to be done in person, aims to identify possible failures and ensure the good functioning of the subsidies allocation process.

He said the grant is between 19,000 and 23,000 kwanzas per month.

The director disclosed also that from those to be registered 665 are former combatants and homeland veterans, 1,444 are war disabled persons, 2,560 orphans of former combatants, 454 widows and 91 parents of former combatants.

Irineu Sacala went on to disclose that for this year it is also planned the award of 12 residences to former combatants, as well as other actions to elevate the pensioners’ quality of life.

As regards the 2019 balance sheet, he said that they made visits to various members of this group of society and gave institutional support, especially in terms of having access to bank credit.

The province of Huambo, in the central highlands of Angola, has a territorial extension of 35,771 square kilometres and just over 2.5 million inhabitants, distributed in eleven municipalities.

Source: Angola Press News Agency