Huila launches hybrid-maize

Luanda – The province of Huila hosts the first colloquy of maize on Thursday, which will serve to launch the first genetically modified hybrid-maize in Huila.

The meeting, promoted by the government of Huila and the Ministry of Economy and Planning, will bring together maize producers from the provinces of Benguela, Cuanza Sul, Malanje Uige, Bie and Huambo.

The holding of the forum is part of the priorities of the Ministry of Economy and Planning, which wants to see the productive chain of maize to improve under the Programme to Support Production, Diversification of Exportations and Importations Substitutions (PRODESI), according to the head of the Department of Economy, Quissaque Vicente Dala.

The meeting, which will bring together leaders from various sectors and representatives of the provincial governments, has as its objective the promotion of maize production, the development of the maize value chain in the “Maize Triangle of Huila Province”.

The meeting also aims to promote the creation of the Integrated Center for seed multiplication and seed production in the main agricultural municipalities in that region of the south of Angola.

The Ministry of Economy and Planning intends to promote the competitiveness and increase of productivity rates of the cereal to substitute imports.

Last April, the ministers of Planning and Economy and Agriculture, Pedro da Fonseca and Marco Nhunga, respectively, carried out fieldwork in Huila and other regions of the country to assess the levels of maize production.

Source: Angola Press News Agency