Huila: Minister announces second phase of Namibe Port rehabilitation

Lubango – The Transports minister, Augusto da Silva Tomas, announced last Monday in Lubango City, southern Huila Province, that soon the second phase of the Namibe Port rehabilitation will kick off.

Augusto Tomas, who gave such information during an assessment meeting with representatives of public transport companies, revealed that the intervention will include the construction of a new containers terminal of about 30,000 square metres.

He seized the occasion to highlight the investments made in the said port by the government since 2008.

Interconnected with the MocAmedes Railway, the Namibe Port will be more and more used for the exportation of minerals, in the ambit of the various projects in progress in the southern region of Angola, and others that will certainly spring up, such as the Cassinga iron mines, revealed the minister.

He then explained that the MocAmedes Railway, ports and airports, properly supported by a road transportation network and logistical platforms will help secure the mobility of people and cargoes, in the ambit of the country’s economic development process.

Source: Angola Press News Agency