Human Development Index situation inspires care – minister

Luanda – Angolan Minister of Economy and Planning, Pedro Luis da Fonseca, said Thursday that the Human Development Index (HDI) situation in Angola inspires care and that its improvement is through the empowerment of women, gender, nutrition and teaching.

Speaking at the end of a meeting with a World Bank (WB) delegation, Pedro Luis da Fonseca said that they discussed the situation of human capital in Angola and that, regardless of adverse circumstances, there are advances at 0.39 in 2002 to 0.93 in 2017.

The minister explained that the HDI in Angola is a cause for concern, so the government has opted for a set of public interventions foreseen in the National Development Plan (PDN) 2018/2022, concerning human capital improvement.

In response to the situation presented by the Angolan side, the WB proposed, in addition to technical capacity building, to support a better prioritization of actions and consequently the planning and budgeting process of competing actions.

During the discussion, technical insufficiency was also identified that will contribute to improving the efficiency of public expenditures for, particularly, those sectors that compete for the HDI.

The Minister of Economy and Planning said that there is also a set of interventions related to water, agriculture, health and construction, aimed at guaranteeing the population access to food with the nutritional quality required to provide the necessary means to provide productivity of the Angolan economy – the only factor improving the income of the population and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The meeting was attended by ministers of Finance, Energy and Water, Agriculture, Education and Health and vice-ministers of Territory Administration and State Reform and Family and Social Action and Women Promotion.

During the meetings between public entities and the World Bank Africa vice-president, Hafez Ghanem assured during an audience granted by the President of the Republic of Angola, JoAPound o Lourenco, on Wednesday a support of USD 1.2 billion.

The WB Angola has financed several projects, with emphasis on the agriculture sector.

Source: Angola Press News Agency