IMF considers positive Government performance

Luanda – The head of the IMF delegation, Mario Zamaroczy, Friday expressed his satisfaction at the implementation of the financial assistance program with the Angolan authorities, although he advised caution in relation to public debt.

Mario Zamaroczy, who heads the International Monetary Fund’s delegation at the country’s assessment visit since 22nd March, considered the Angolan public debt high, because by the end of the current year it can reach 90 percent of GDP.

Currently, Angolan public debt is above 71 percent of GDP, with values in the order of 78.5 billion dollars.

The official, speaking to the press at the end of a meeting with the 5th National Assembly’s Economy and Finance Committee, recalled that Angola and the IMF have a financing program valued at USD 3.7 billion, approved by the Board of Directors on 07 December 2018, hence the need for periodic evaluation.

At the moment, the Fund is carrying out the first evaluation of the fulfillment of the goals that the Angolan Government has undertaken to achieve measures and decisions taken with a view to their practical application.

Source: Angola Press News Agency