Industries should integrate recycling actions

Luanda – National and foreign companies and industries should integrate investment actions for waste recycling to reduce the waste and ensure environmental protection.

The recommendation came from the Angolan Environmentalist Faia Miguel, while speaking to ANGOP on Thursday, ahead of the 2nd Engineering and Architecture Conference of the Agostinho Neto University (UAN) Faculty Engineering.

The expert said that environmental problems are now among the main global issues and called for the need to promote joint actions to improve the life quality of the population.

Also university professor, Miguel acknowledged that Angola is now in a very comfortable situation, saying that the country has right policies on waste management and recycling.

He defended awareness among human being and explain that the natural resources are finite and the mismanagement directly reflect on the human being.

As for the cities, Faia Miguel defends projects adapted to a planning model increasingly focused on ecological requirements, reducing the use of raw materials and products and increasing reuse and recycling.

There are talented and skilled young people who contribute to the reuse of waste and promotion of green industry in the country, but there are discouraged by the lack of financial incentives.

The second day of the conference discussed the “Experimental analysis of the anaerobic digestion of urban waste at the pilot scale in biodigesters”.

Source: Angola Press News Agency