Industry Fair: PAC boosts national production

At the moment, the company’s production goes around 300 units of chorizo per month, and this production is due to a financing of the extinct Angola Investe programme that made available a total amount of USD 2.5 million out of the USD 4 million that was the total value of the project.

While speaking at the first day of the 4th edition of the Industry Fair (ExpoindA�stria2019), opened by the Angolan President, JoAPound o Lourenco, Luis Nicacio clarified that the documentation for credit approval was handed , at this time they are only waiting the financing to be available so the company can improve the production.

He stressed that the focus on domestic production of raw materials and finished products will reduce the existing exchange rate pressure in the market.

The company, which started production last May, has created 50 jobs, two of which are expatriates. It aims to contribute to increasing the supply of chorizo in the country and reducing its importation.

He said he hopes that over the next five years, the country will be able to respond to 70 percent availability of pig production, an indicator he says is currently below 10 percent.

The official believes that self-sufficiency in the country’s delicatessen industry would be possible with the operation of 70,000 pig-breeding facilities, dedicated to the processing of various types of chorizo, an indicator that is currently below five thousand.

This year’s ExpoindA�stria, with more than 300 exhibitors, is a partnership between the Ministry of Industry and Eventos Arena, and has national companies from the cereal, meat, cotton, tobacco, sugar, beer, cement, wood and furniture sectors.

The organizers also welcome companies in the domains of oil refining, tire, fertilizer, pulp, glass, steel, soap, salt, sausage, dairy, juice, soft drink, mineral water, paints and varnish, paper, plastic cards, steel tubes and construction.

Companies from Bengo, Benguela, Namibe, Huila, Cuando Cubango, among other provinces are will take part in the event.

President JoAPound o Lourenco unveiled last Wednesday morning the event which is happening in the Luanda/Bengo Special Economic Zone (ZEE).

Source: Angola Press News Agency