Infotur, TAAG present project to boost tourism

Luanda – The Tourism Promotion Institute (Infotur) and TAAG presented today a Stopover tourism project, which allows tourists in transit, on the same trip, to know other regions of Angola, before their final national or international destination.

Stopover can be free or paid. The first is that you can have two destinations on the same trip for the price of one, enjoying a few days in the connecting city of your final destination.

The second allows traffic stops over 24 hours to know regions and tourist sites, but paying a lower fee by including more flights in your travel route.

For the realization of this project, which is expected to be implemented by 2020, the two institutions met today with private operators from the tourism sector and public entities, whose corporate purpose focuses on tourism, to make known the initiative.

With this initiative, according to the director of Infotur, SimAPound o Pedro, it is intended to reach goals such as increased tourist turnover, passenger flow by at least five percent, and consumption of tourist goods and services.

The domestic tourist destinations elected for the Stopover, without prejudice to one of the tour operator’s preference, are the provinces of Luanda, Benguela, Huila, Namibe, Malanje, Zaire and Cuando Cubango.

Regarding the issuing countries, that is, whose tourists go more to Angola for tourism or in transit and who can be counted on for the Stopover, Simao Pedro pointed to South Africa, Algeria, Egypt, China Brazil, USA, France and United Kingdom.

Source: Angola Press News Agency