Islamic community denies persecution by Angolan state

Dundo – The Islamic Community based in the eastern Lunda Norte province considered Sunday false the reports that the Angolan State has been persecuting its religious confession.

The statement came from provincial secretary of the Community in Lunda Norte, Antonio Khamisy, when reacting to the statements made by the Justice and Human Rights Delegate, Baptista Miguel.

Baptista Miguel was speaking to the press on reports released by some foreign media outlets and relayed by social media alleging persecution against the Islamic Community in Lunda Norte by the Angolan State.

The official described such information as slanderous and unfounded, stressing that the Community has not been holding worship since November 2018, after the mosques were closed under the Operation Rescue.

In Lunda Norte, 70 churches were closed down, including mosques, due to their failure to abide by the law � did not held service in inadequate places.

Baptista Miguel, who is also coordinator of Operation Rescue in Lunda Norte, said the information reported by foreign press are intended to damage the image of Angola abroad, explaining that the intention of the Government is to restore the State authority and not to prevent the people from professing their faith.

The official declared that the Right to Worship and Religious Freedom are guaranteed and the Angolan State assures and protects the religious institutions engaged in the activity accordingly with the Law.

In addition to recover the authority of the State, the operation rescue is also intended to retrieve the values of education, order, citizenship, respect for the public good and the neighbour.

Source: Angola Press News Agency