JAANGO Nacional 2019 Exhibition opened in Luanda

The exhibition called JAANGO Nacional 2019, features the works of artists Adriano Cangombe, Engracia Gouveia, Osvaldo Ferreira and Serafim Serlon and will be on display until October 23rd.

Co-curated by Evandro Guia and Nefwani JA�nior, second edition of the JAANGO Nacional 2019 exhibition also portrays aspects of Angolan daily life.

The 1st Edition took place in 2011.

The head of the gallery, Dominick Tanner, said that the platform Young Angolan Artists or simply JAANGO Nacional, aims to bring together Angolan artists, resident in Angola and also in the Diaspora.

Also event producer, Dominick Tanner mentioned that the works come with revisiting common places, reinterpreting ideas, pre-defined concepts and leaving the comfort zone.

JAANGO arose in analogy to the kimbundo-named place “NJango” or “Onjango” in Umbundo, a meeting place for traditional authorities, the community, and rituals.

The site, usually built with grass-covered tree trunks, is open at the sides to allow people to come together to exchange ideas and interact.

Source: Angola Press News Agency