Jango Reino in Mbanza Kongo opened

The space, which provided employment for eight young people, will also have the opportunity to promote cultural activities, including musical and humor shows, theater evenings and storytelling.

Built as part of the program to combat hunger and poverty, Jango Reino is included in Unesco’s recommendations when it was elevated to World Heritage.

The municipal administrator of Mbanza Kongo, Nzuzi Makiese, said that the construction of more jangos is in the works, to offer tourists who climb the city a direct contact with history.

Located in the prime area of the city of Mbanza Kongo, Jango Reino has a capacity for 100 people.

Mbanza Kongo, the current capital of the province of Zaire, was the political and administrative center of the former Kingdom of Kongo, founded in the 13th century and whose influence encompassed, in addition to northern Angola, the current territories of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) , Republic of Congo and Gabon.

The historic center of Mbanza Kongo, inscribed on the list of Unesco Cultural Heritage, occupies an area of 89.29 hectares, while the buffer zone extends over an area of 622, 16 hectares.

Source: Angola Press News Agency