JoAPound o Lourenco denounces intoxication campaign against Angola

Speaking at the opening of the eighth JMPLA congress, which takes place under the slogan “For Citizenship and Progress, Let’s Build a Better Future”, the politician declared that “the campaign is not against the President of the Republic. It is against Angola”. .).

JoAPound o Lourenco, who is also President of the Republic, said that the destabilization and intoxication campaign against Angola is funded by citizens who diverted the country’s (financial) resources abroad for their own benefit.

He said the campaign’s mentors are not foreigners or members of opposition parties, but Angolans, apparently from the MPLA, who have the nerve to speak, supposedly, on behalf of the people, to whom they have stolen and with whom they have not shared the money.

According to JoAPound o Lourenco, young people are being recruited to carry out these campaigns.

Applauded by delegates to the JMPLA Congress, he reaffirmed the need to continue the fight against corruption, to continue to attract investment, as well as to create more companies, factories and reduce unemployment.

Crusade against corruption

The fight against corruption, he stressed, is one of the major challenges outlined by the ruling party’s MPLA in its 2017 Electoral Program and the current Governance Program.

The eighth ruling party youth wing Ordinary Congress, which runs through Saturday, brings together 2,295 delegates, who will elect the new National First Secretary, discuss and approve the amendment of the statutes, and adjust the 2019/2024 action plan.

The MPLA Program advocates the implementation of youth public policies and their participation in the local government process. He also guides the MPLA youth organization for political openness, participatory citizenship, combating unemployment and promoting entrepreneurship.

Source: Angola Press News Agency