JoAPound o Lourenco reaffirms relations with Portugal “are good”

Strasbourg, France – The President of the Republic, JoAPound o Lourenco, reaffirmed Wednesday that bilateral relations with Portugal are good and that before the end of this year will receive the Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, in Luanda.

Speaking to the press after speaking at a solemn session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the Angolan statesman explained that the official visit of the Portuguese prime minister, still without a fixed date, to Luanda has nothing to do with the former Vice-President “Manuel Vicente” case.

“Visits to this level of heads of state have to be prepared well in advance. We agreed with the Portuguese authorities that before I go to Portugal I must receive the Portuguese Prime Minister in Angola. This process is ongoing. I can guarantee that, according to the agenda of the Prime Minister Antonio Costa himself, this year the visit will happen,” he said.

According to JoAPound o Lourenco, quoted by Lusa agency, everything depends on the “calendar”.

When asked whether it has to do with the lawsuit involving former Vice President Manuel Vicente, accused of corruption, money laundering and document falsification, the President replied “absolutely not.”

President JoAPound o Lourenco said that there are matters of “common interest” in relations with the European Union that should be discussed, highlighting that of migratory flows, an issue that admitted to being a “cause of shame”.

Source: Angola Press News Agency