JoAPound o Lourenco will change Angola – former MPLA secretary-general

Luanda – The former secretary-general of the governing MPLA party, Marcolino Moco, last Sunday made a positive assessment of the performance of the Angolan Head of State, JoAPound o Lourenco, in one year of work since he was sworn-in as the country’s Chief Magistrate.

Marcolino Moco said the strategic measures taken so far by President JoAPound o Lourenco will change Angola.

Answering an ANGOP questionnaire on one year of JoAPound o Lourenco’s governance, Marcolino Moco said that the openness recorded in the Angolan media can lead one to believe that things have gone worse in the country, however the measures being implemented by the new Head of State are really encouraging.

Although it is the start of the term, explained the also former prime minister, the signs being sent by the Head of State are not mere tactics to consolidate his power and keep things in the same way.

This would be fatal for the country and for the role history has placed in his hands, said Marcolino Moco.

He then stressed that the main political act of JoAPound o Lourenco so far was to allow greater openness of the media, a move that has led to the exposure of lies divulged in the past.

Mr Moco also highlighted the fact that the new head of the Angolan Executive has been seriously fighting against impunity and the so-called white collar crimes, as well as promoting the separation of the powers of the President of the Republic and those of the ruling party’s leader, among other pertinent and courageous measures.

On the other hand, he said, JoAPound o Lourenco will have to keep the initial strategy, which he laid out during his inauguration ceremony on 26 September last year.

He went on to emphasise that JoAPound o Lourenco is a politician that has demonstrated enough capacity to transform Angola, without sacrificing the interests of the nation by mingling them with the interests of the MPLA party and some of its leadership members, adding that this was one of the main distortions that happened in the country’s governance, mainly after the end of the civil war in February 2002.

As regards the future of the MPLA, after its congress that will mark the end of over 30 years of Jose Eduardo dos Santos’ leadership, Marcolino Moco said that it is difficult to guess what will happen, but he stated that the party will be what its militants want it to be, what the genius of the new leader will instruct and what Angolans will allow it to be.

Marcolino Moco, who once was also executive secretary of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), is also a jurist and university lecturer.

The MPLA party will hold its 6th Extraordinary Congress on September 08, Saturday, and JoAPound o Lourenco is the only candidate for the party’s presidency.

Source: Angola Press News Agency