Journalist Ismael Mateus defends press freedom strengthening

The journalist Ismael Mateus affirmed last Wednesday in Catete locality, Icolo e Bengo Municipality of Luanda Province, that now is the time to strengthen press freedom in Angola, due to the new political paradigm.

Speaking at Panel 1 on Institutional Communication, in the ambit of the Media Ministry’s Consultative Council, the also member of the Council of the Republic said it was necessary to deepen press freedom and condemned the abusive use of social networks, as well as the systematic violation of the Press Law.

Ismael Mateus is against the criminalization of journalists, when they violate the rights of an entity and suggested that the best way to resolve the situation is the application of persuasive sanctions based on self-regulation.

To the specialist, freedom of the press, in the face of media power, must be addressed from the fact that many of its holders are also members of the bodies or boards appointed by the Executive.

According to the former secretary general of the Trade Union of Angolan Journalists (SJA), this fact hinders the exercise of press freedom within the company itself.

It is essential, he said, to create spaces of understanding between the owners of media companies and the interests of journalists, so that press freedom is not undermined.

Creation of Editorial Councils

Ismael Mateus, who is in favour of the creation of editorial councils, also condemned the political presence in journalism, a situation that clashes with the exercise of the profession.

He suggested that the State should exercise power and end the confusion existing in the exercise of journalism by people who do politics.

For two days, the event will evaluate the sector’s performance, under the motto Mass Media at the Service of Citizenship and Democracy.

Source: Angola Press News Agency