King Mwene Mbandu III lauds inclusive governance

Luena – The inclusive and participative governance being implemented by the Angolan authorities, after the 2017 general elections, has recently been lauded by Mwene Mbandu III, king of the Bundas people, in Luena, eastern Moxico Province.

Speaking to ANGOP, the tradition authority deemed it important to adopt transparency and approximation of the governance system to the citizens, with a view to conquering people’s trust and consolidating national unity.

King Mwene Mbandu III went on to say that the President’s motto Let us correct what is wrong and improve what is good may bring about positive results if the governmental authorities start listening more to the citizens and respecting their opinions.

On the occasion, he saluted the ruling MPLA for preparing its 6th extraordinary congress, scheduled for this month of September.

He explained that this congress of the governing party in Angola is important because there will be a transition of power in this political organisation, which is to elect a new president, thus showing its maturity.

The 69-year old Mbandu III was born in Ninda commune, Bundas Municipality of Moxico Province. He was enthroned in August 2008.

King Mwene Mbandu III is trained in trade, arts and journalism. He lived as refugee in the neighbouring Zambia, where he studied, from 1952 to 2007.

Source: Angola Press News Agency