Lack of funding impairs scientific development

Luanda – The lack of efficiency in the use of available financial resources and a coherent and adequate mechanism to finance research activities was pointed out Tuesday in Luanda as a pre-determined factor of none successful scientific development and innovation in Angola.

This fact was stressed by the minister of Science and Technology, Maria CAndida Teixeira, in the presentation of the results of the 2nd national survey on science, technology and innovation.

She said that there are shortcomings in scientific human resources with adequate qualifications to conduct scientific research activities and on the other hand there is a need to increase skills of those currently involved in the scientific research.

The minister also mentioned the need to reflect on what should be the attitude of technicians in the sector from now on, so that the development of science, technology and innovation in Angola is efficient.

Angola was part of the 19 countries that joined the African Science Technology and Information Indicators Program, launched in Maputo by NEPAD in 2008.

Source: Angola Press News Agency