Lawsuit against Isabel dos Santos filed in court

Luanda – The action against Isabel dos Santos amid the civil lawsuit in which the Angolan State claims a credit exceeding one billion dollars was filed last Monday March 2 in the Luanda Provincial Court (TPL).

The action follows up on the preventive seizure of bank accounts and shareholdings of the businesswoman her husband Sindila Dokolo and her manager Mario Leite da Silva decreed by the Luanda Provincial Court last December reports Jornal de Angola.

On December 31 2019 TPL decreed the preventive seizure of Isabel dos Santos Sindika Dokolo and Mario Leite da Silva’s personal bank accounts at Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA) Banco Internacional de Credito (BIC) Banco Angolano de Investmento (BAI) and Banco Economico (BE) in addition to the shares that the three individuals own in BIC Unitel BFA and ZAP Media.

The ruling issued at the time proved that the defendants’ credit to the Angolan State was worth more than US $ 1 billion a debt that the defendants have recognized but claimed they were unable to pay.

Source: Angola Press News Agency