Luisa DamiAPound o elected MPLA vice-president

Luanda – The MPLA Central Committee elected Luisa Pedro Francisco DamiAPound o as deputy chairman of the political party in its first meeting led by JoAPound oLourenco as party leader.

In the Angolan capital, Luanda, members of the Central Committee have elected BoavidaNeto as secretary-general of the political party that has ruled Angola since November 11, 1975, when the national independence was proclaimed.

Luisa Pedro Francisco DamiAPound o is a journalist by profession and MPLA MP for the National Electoral Circle since 2012.

She currently chairs the Group of Women Parliamentarians.

She was also the national secretary for information and new technologies of the Organization of Angolan Women (OMA).

She is a master in Communication Sciences and has worked as a journalist, psycho-pedagogue and communicator.

From 2002 to 2007, she was a press Attache at the Embassy of Angola in Cuba.

Between 2007 and 2009, she was the director of information for the Angolan Press Agency (ANGOP) and later as administrator for information.

Alvaro Manuel de BoavidaNeto, son of A�lvaro Manuel de BoavidaJA�nior and Maria de Fatima da Costa FernandesBoavida, a native of Huambo, born on August 18, 1959, married, has already served as governor of the province of Namibe.

He currently serves as governor and first provincial secretary of the MPLA in Bie. He is a senior technician in the specialty of pedagogy.

During the 6th extraordinary congress, which took place Saturday in the Angolan capital, JoAPound oLourenco was elected president of the MPLA with 98.59 percent, out of a universe of 2,448 delegates.

The conclave was held under the motto “With the strength of past and present, let us build a better future.”

Source: Angola Press News Agency