Media minister defends strong private sector

Luanda – The Mass Media minister, JoAPound o Melo, last Friday in Luanda stated that Angola needs a strong private sector in the media area, one that can be capable of promoting employment, especially for young people.

Delivering a speech at the First Conference on Audiovisual Communication, JoAPound o Melo said he hopes to see an increasing number of private media projects, aiming at the expansion of this sector.

He went on to say that he believes private initiative can play a fundamental role in the development of the media sector in Angola, adding that the country’s legislation does not place obstacles to such participation in this professional activity, depending only on the interests and entrepreneurial capacity of businesspeople.

We are convinced that private initiatives in the domain of press, radio and audiovisuals are fundamental for the promotion of more communication and informative content to society, as well as to promote employment, mainly for the youth that finish university every year.

He then disclosed that the Mass Media Ministry has been studying this matter for some time now, having as reference the experience of other countries, so soon new measures are to be announced for the journalistic and multimedia sectors.

He defended that the media activity in the country needs to be broadened.

However, he called the attention of the public to the fact that it is not a good idea to continue allowing private media projects that are sustained by individuals who work for public media institutions.

The Conference on Audiovisual Communication, which henceforth will happen once a year, is aimed at promoting greater interchange among the professionals and companies of this sector.

Source: Angola Press News Agency