Media Minister unveils new building of Radio Viana

Luanda – The Social Communication minister, Jose Luis de Matos, inaugurated Tuesday the new building where Radio Viana will operate in Luanda.

The media minister welcomed the new radio structure, adding that this was an effort made by the Angolan government, “which has been concerned with creating optimal conditions for journalists to be able to do their job”.

“It is a modern building, from the technological point of view very advanced, so it is expected that journalists will take advantage of these conditions, for the benefit of the population of Viana municipality, which is very important for the country”, he stressed.

The minister argued that the radio of approximation to the community has a great responsibility, to listen to the concerns of citizens, and hence should be available to contact the authorities and bring the concerns of the population to the administration, so that it can respond to the desires and aims of the population of Viana.

In the referred ceremony, Henriques dos Santos, the chairman of the Board of Directors of National Radio of Angola (RNA), explained that his Group created Radio Viana in 2008, with the purpose of specializing the coverage and attending to its development, creating this broadcasting station subsidized by the RNA group.

With the inauguration of the new infrastructure, he said, Radio Viana has gained more production capacity, higher transmission power and greater coverage of the municipality, thanks to an increase in the power of its broadcasting from one to five kilowatts.

Luanda’s deputy governor, Juvelina Imperial, Secretary of State for Social Communication, Manuel da ConceicAPound o, Viana Municipal Administrator, Jeremias Dumbo, members of the RNA council, religious and traditional entities and guests attended the inauguration ceremony.

Source: Angola Press News Agency