MIJUD reaffirms commitment to youth

Saurimo – The Minister of Youth and Sports, Ana Paula Sacramento, reaffirmed, Saturday, that the commitment to young people, through specific programs aimed at their well-being and their affirmation in the socio-political and economic panorama, is a priority of the current Angolan Government.

The government official made these remarks during the central act of April 14, the date dedicated to the Angola youth, held in Saurimo, under the motto “empowered youth guaranteed sustainable development”.

According to the minister, her ministry is committed to using all the mechanisms available to the Government to facilitate the insertion of young people in working life, taking into account entrepreneurship and the promotion of self-employment.

She stressed that the sector is also committed to drawing up diplomas that will stimulate the participation of young people in the country’s active life, with emphasis on the composition of the draft Youth State policy law, in line with the National Development Plan.

She acknowledged that Angolan youths still face enormous problems, especially in the context of great social and economic adversity, as a result of the unfavorable macroeconomic framework facing the country.

He said that according to recent data released by the National Statistics Institute, the country has experienced an exponential increase in unemployment, in the range of 40 to 46 percent, which is a major challenge to be overcome.

Source: Angola Press News Agency