Minister calls for strict Tourism Operational Plan compliance

Sumbe – Angolan Tourism Minister A�ngela Braganca on Friday called for the strict compliance of the 2018/2022 Tourism Operational Plan for the internal development of the sector and revenue collection.

A�ngela Braganca, speaking at the closing of the 1st Consultative Council of the Ministry of Tourism, held in the city of Sumbe, said that the operators of the sector should implement projects so that tourism actually plays its role in the process of diversification of the economy.

He said that with the observance of the four C’s, communication, collaboration, cooperation and coordination, sector managers and operators can comply with 2018/2022 Operational Plan for Tourism to leverage the sector throughout the country.

He said that the tourism industry requires dynamics, with a strong presence of innovation, through technological innovations in information and communication, internet and social networks, a reality that increasingly attracts tourists.

“We have to bet on wanting to do and act so that Angola, is a tourist destination to visit,” concluded the minister.

Review of legislation

At the end of the work, the participants recommended the revision of the legislation of the sector and the elaboration of a national tourism plan, as well as the realization of the inventory of the Angolan tourism heritage, so that the operators have information on the real potential of the country and the particularities of each zone.

Source: Angola Press News Agency