Minister defends better coverage of Angolan reality

Luanda – The Press officers should focus on creation of relationships with the media houses of the countries where they are based in order to influence them for a better coverage on Angolan reality through the press of those states.

This was said Friday by the Media minister, JoAPound o Melo, at the opening of the methodological meeting of the press attaches, in Luanda.

The minister said the main task of the press attaches is to promote the image of Angola in the countries where they are located, stressing that they have to continue and strengthen the economic diplomacy launched by the Angolan State.

JoAPound o Melo said that a positive external image is crucial for attracting investments for the country.

He noted Angola is currently living a new political cycle characterised by a process of deep reforms at various levels, with stress to the opening of political, economic, diplomatic and information areas.

He added that these fields have contributed to the change of the country’s reputation both domestic and abroad.

As for the political openness, the minister defended greater dialogue with society, the opposition, the opinion makers, pressure groups, the church, and other sectors of society.

On economic opening, the official said that this move has been characterized by fight against monopolies and approval of measures to stimulate the economic competition of all.

This includes approval of a new law of private investment simpler and friendly to the businessmen and investors, both national and foreign.

On diplomatic and consular opening, JoAPound o Melo stressed Angola’s more active role in the southern region and abroad.

He noted that the country’s role enabled rapprochement with South Africa and SADC, coupled with the establishment of a new relationship with the world, mainly the African Union, European Union, as well as the ongoing processes of visa waiver agreement with several countries.

The one-day meeting, that gathered 20 press officers, discussed issues related to information on the restructuring of press services in diplomatic missions.

Other topics include Foreign Ministry’s information on budget, and swapping of appointed and fired members.

Source: Angola Press News Agency