Minister defends production of veterinary vaccines in Angola

Lubango – The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Marcos Nhunga, defended on Friday in southern Huila province the domestic production of vaccines for animals, in order to meet the immunization needs of animals that the country faces.

According to Marccos Nhunga, who spoke to Journalists at the end of a session of the Economic Commission of the Council of Ministers, the non-production of vaccines in the country has been a problem for the sector, which this year had a need of four million doses.

He said that while this desire does not materialize, the provinces of Huila, Namibe and Cunene will be prioritized in the distribution of vaccines, as they have the largest population of cattle in the country.

Data from 2017 indicate that Angola has a cattle population estimated at 3,850,000 head of cattle.

Regarding the ongoing work to minimize the consequences of the drought in the same region, the minister said that the ministerial department has a project to support family farming.

Source: Angola Press News Agency