Minister encourages valorisation of tourism resources

According to Angela Braganca, the appreciation of the resources will allow them to be turned into major tourism products, which will attract visitors and tourists, generating revenue and jobs.

The Cabinet minister was speaking during a meeting with tour operators in the region, to assess the state of the sector in the province, adding that it was necessary to make an assessment of what constitutes the “anchor” of local tourism, define it and make them into tourist attractions , for leisure and to generate income and jobs.

She said that each visit to the Cristo Rei monument, the Tundavala Cleft should result in some income for the country and more jobs.

It is necessary to invest in Angola and it is private investment that will make the country grow. We have to cherish the investment and try to get the best return on solving the problems facing the country, she said.

She said that the participation of the provincial government is essential to revitalize the tourism sector, as there is already a strong business class that, despite the crisis, is firm and still bold in its projects and actions.

The government official acknowledged that there is a lack of infrastructure such as roads, energy, water, among other factors, a task in which the Ministry will work with the other ministerial departments to find viable solutions to boost tourism.

On the other hand, the commercial director of the Serra da Chela Hotel, Nadia Maquina, present at the meeting, stressed that it will serve as impetus, bringing the possibility of the province becoming a tourist power.

According to the World Tourism Organization, nearly 10% of jobs in the world come from the sector, which moves at least 1.4 billion people worldwide.

Source: Angola Press News Agency