Minister highlights advantages of multiple health indicators

Luanda Health Minister, Silvia Lutucuta said on Tuesday in Luanda that the Multiple Indicators Survey will be an important source for assessing the health data of Angola’s families.

Minister Lutucuta who was speaking after the launching of the Multiple Indicators and Health Survey (IIMS2020), said the survey would provide necessary information on fertility, family planning, mortality, nutrition and health service utilization.

She also noted that its importance is even greater if one considers that the use of uniform research instruments allows for international comparisons of detailed national state and health care.

She stressed that IIMS 2015/2016 provided information on which to assess the indicators of the National Development Plan 2013/2017, health sector reform as well as monitoring of the Health Development Plan, thus creating for the first time in the country, indicators for HIV and a national base of men and women.

Silvia Lutucuta added that it helped to conclude that national prevalence remained at two percent and to make an assessment of the determinants and performance of the health system.

The Cabinet Minister considered it to be of utmost importance in assessing the state and health care of the population, as it assists actions and makes better use of financial resources, outlines policies and actions to address international commitments made by the country, and the 2016 / 2030.

The survey, the results of which will be made public in about nine months, aims to update demographic and health indicators such as fertility, sexual behaviors, key mortality indicators (maternal and child and adolescent), HIV / AIDS prevalence, anemia in children.

Source: Angola Press News Agency