Minister of Construction assesses Moxico road conditions

Luena – The state of the roads that connect the capital of Moxico province (Luena) to the other municipalities of the interior, have been since last Friday, checked by the Minister of Construction and Public Works, Manuel Tavares de Almeida, for a possible intervention in the coming times.

Speaking, on Saturday, to the press, at the end of the visit, Manuel Tavares de Almeida announced that at Moxico level, his sector plans to continue work on the Luau – Massivi road, to the Jimbe border, Alto Zambeze municipality, more than 200 kilometers, in order to connect Angola with the neighboring Republic of Zambia.

The Government minister explained that the aforementioned project still lacks the approval and financing of the Government branch and a subsequent public tender for the start-up of the works.

In terms of works, he pointed out that will also be prioritized the road connecting the city of Luena to Luau, Lucusse – Luzi – Cassamba and the Biula – Muconda road connecting the district of Dala (Lunda – Sul) ) to Camanongue (Moxico).

Source: Angola Press News Agency