Minister wants heavy participation of cultural agents in Biennale

Luanda – The minister of Culture, Maria da Piedade de Jesus, last Tuesday in Luanda appealed for cultural agents, associations and other social players to participate effusively and en masse in the first Luanda Biennale, set to happen this September 18 to 22, in Luanda.

According to the minister, speaking to the Jornal de Angola public newspaper, since the Luanda Biennial is intended to be a forum for sharing and cultural interchange it is paramount the involvement of the Angolan society in the coming event, so that the country can show the world the country’s various facets.

I believe in the continuous commitment of businesspeople and entrepreneurs who’ll place their brands and activities in the Luanda Biennale, as well as the art creators (…), who’ll be able to project the image of our country to other parts of the world, stressed the minister.

She went on to say that the idea is to transform the event into a culture of peace, a practical platform to promote values, attitudes and behaviours that reflect and inspire interaction and social exchange, based on principles of liberty, justice and democracy, human rights, tolerance and solidarity, and which rejects violence and prevents conflicts (…).

The holding of this activity in Angola shows the political will of the government to establish ever closer cooperation with Unesco, with a view to promoting a true culture of peace in Africa, and represents the recognition of Angola’s example in strengthening peace and national reconciliation.

Representatives from 16 African countries and diaspora communities are expected in the event, namely from Egypt, Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Mali, Nigeria, Cape Verde, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Namibia, South Africa, Brazil and Italy among others.

Source: Angola Press News Agency